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Jerry Hagerman
Pittsylvania County Supervisor

“We really need it in this area and I’m proud for the citizens and of what they can expect from this facility. They’re going to have all of the facilities they need to handle almost any kind of situation.”

Chris Thomson, M.D.
Medical Director of Centra Emergency Services Group

“Centra has been providing emergency department services in Lynchburg for generations, and we will be bringing that same commitment to the Gretna area.”

EW Tibbs
Centra Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

“This is a game changer. The medical center will impact and change how the people in that area, their children and grandchildren, will receive health care.”

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15 Responses to What People Are Saying

  1. I speak as a wife, a mother, and a physical therapist. I have had the terrifying experience of my insulin-dependent husband’s blood sugar bottom, and not respond to my efforts to bring it back up. We faced a 45 minute ambulance drive in order to receive help. I have also had the terror of driving to Lynchburg with my 4-year old (at the time) daughter in the midst of a horrible asthma attack, having to stop twice while enroute to administer breathing treatments, pleading for God to spare her life. I have also experienced the frustrations of having patients at Gretna Health and Rehabilitation face long, painful ambulance trips to be evaluated for unexpected complications requiring emergent care. Having a regional emergency center with a CT scanner would not only be a game changer for the health and well-being of our community, but a serious shot in the arm for efforts to bring more business and economic growth to this area. PLEASE! We NEED this!

  2. This is an amazing blessing for our community. I have never personally had to endure the 45 minute emergency drive but have feared it since having children. I really like the idea of having the specialty clinic and not having to drive all the way to Lynchburg for a 20 minute appointment with a specialist. The wellness center also seems to be a great idea to tie in a one of a kind faciltiy with a one of a kind community.

  3. This facility would be a great asset to our community and area residents. The area would not only benefit from all the services that would be offered, but also from the economic standpoint in creating more jobs. As a Gretna resident for over 12 years I can attest to the fact that there is a great need for this in our area and that it would save many lives who otherwise would not make that 45 minute or more drive to Lynchburg to get emergency care. Thanks to Centra Health for caring about our community, now everyone let’s get TOGETHER and make this a REALITY and SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN!!!

  4. This is the letter I have sent to Governor McDonnell as well as other state representatives. Our community needs this facility. I ask that each citizen that supports this to take the time to do the same.

    Dear Governor McDonnell,
    As we approach this election year; much focus is on our nation’s economy. As you are aware Southside Virginia’s economy struggles each year due to the manufacturing jobs that have moved to China or Mexico. The hard working citizens of the Gretna area need and want this facility for many reasons. Not only for greater access for emergency room services but to boost the economy and create jobs.

    I hope you will choose to support Centra’s plan to build a new Gretna Medical Center and Emergency Department. This facility would create jobs not only in the facility but would also open the door for additional companies to locate in Gretna which in return would increase revenue for the county, state as well as the nation. I feel this is what every American citizen needs and wants for our great nation. Please show your support and encourage others in Richmond to do the same.

    I strongly support Centra’s plan to build the Gretna Medical Center and Emergency Department to serve the region. With my parents and my husband’s mother aging we need this facility in order to provide the proper care needed if an emergency should arise. Just last month we had to make four trips to the emergency room for our parents. These trips took an hour to an hour and a half each time one way.

    The new facility would significantly expand services and add the latest imaging technology and capability. Technology, like the 64-slice CT scanner, offers the highest quality of care for residents in the region and is essential to this project. Those are services that the Gretna community needs, but does not have now. For Gretna residents, they can only be obtained by traveling outside the area.

    In addition, patients will gain greater access to more specialists and a broader continuum of care right in the Gretna community.
    Centra has had a long-standing presence in Gretna and is a trusted and committed provider of care in this area.

    Please support Centra and the citizens of the Gretna community.

    Thank you for time and consideration in regards to this matter.

    Rhonda Andrews

  5. On Oct. 5 my husband had to go to Va. Baptist for a CT Scan. They were scanning to check a nodule that was found on his lung in March. They used a 64 slice ct scanner. When we returned home Dr. Wilgus was calling me to take him back to Lynchburg General. The lung was fine, but the scanner had picked up a large blood clot in his heart. We live 8 miles east of Gretna and this was the longest trip I have ever made to Lynchburg. With the health problems my husband has and the location we live in this may save our lives or the life of a family member, neighbor or friend. I am so thankful to Centra for this proposal. I hope we as a Gretna family will be able to let Maureen Dempsey know how very much this means to us.

  6. I strongly support Centra’s plan to build the Gretna Medical Center and ER Department to serve the region. The new facility would significantly expand services for all the region and with the aging population. The trips alone one way takes a good hour and knowing that we have Gretna Medical Center/ER Department with in mins. away would be a Blessing.

    Thank you so much,
    Terri McPaters

  7. Obviously the new Gretna Medical Center will be a great boost not only to the health of this community but also a big boost to the economy. As a new resident of the area, I have seen growth and a lot community pride in the past four years since my husband and I moved to Sycamore. It only makes sense to provide this new state of the art facility with the most up to date equipment, the 64-slice CT scanner necessary to meet the needs of the community. If Centra is going to build a major medical center in the area why not make it as convenient and resourceful as possible? I urge you to support the purchase of the 64-slice CT scanner for the new major regional medical center and do what is best for the people of Gretna and the surrounding areas.

  8. This facility would vastly improve health care in our community since the closest hospital to Gretna is at least 30 miles. Additionally, having the hospital here would cut down on rescue calls, which are currently being run solely by volunteers.

    Please grant approval for the 64-slice CT scanner, and start construction on Gretna Medical Center immediately! Lives may very well depend upon it.

  9. Why in the world would you NOT support this facility? Is someone afraid that the response times for EMS squads will become shorter? or perhaps they are afraid that medical problems would be found sooner? How can an old technology 16 slice scanner that is open 40 hours a week possible compete with a new technology 64 slice scanner that is run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Perhaps the real issue is that Danville Regional cannot possibly compete with Centra health and once gretna residents see what proper care looks like, they may no longer be satisifed with Danville Regionals level of care.

  10. My husband, Gerald and I , Darlene, are parents of three children born with disabilities,physical and intellectual. For 10 years we have been licensed by D.B.H.D.S. and have owned and managed group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. We currently have 3 homes serving 7 individuals. We hire 20 employees. We chose to locate rural, about 7 miiles ouside of Gretna, with our services to give more individual freedom and relaxing atmosphere. We are elated to look forward to a 24 hour/7 day per week emergency facility within 15-20 minutes’ drive time of our RURAL location. Because of our several past experiences, if we waited for the Rescue Squad with an emergency arrival at the E.R. of not less than 2 hours. Or Emergency Plan now, is to transport our folks ourselves, a 50-60 minutes time frame. If a time came when our issues are beyond kidney stones, excessive bleeding or gallstones, the result woud be quite detrimental. Most folks that we serve are non–verbal and cannot express and cannot express teir needs adequately. Every second is mahorly inportant to maintain good health care for them. Twice this year the trip to the E.R. required CT scans and a 64 slice CT scanner would show much greataer detail to give answers especially when the patient can offer little or not information. The state of Virginia is obligated by an agreement with the Department of Justice to improvie services in the community for special needs persons and to close state institutions. This facility espeacially wiht the 64 slice CT scanner will show Virginina truly cares about those bodrn unable to provide for themselves. To have less service would be putting a small band-aid on a life threatening cut. There are quite a number of Sponsored Home providers in the surrrounding area giving much of the same services as us. They would gain the great benefit that we look forward to . After all of the Tobacco Indemnification and Revitalization funds used for industrial parks to attract large manufacturing companies, Centra’s facility in Gretna would add to the attraction to such companies.
    Darlene Doss Doss Estates, Inc., 860 Piney Grove Road Gretna, VA 24557

  11. I pray that Centra will be granted the 64 slice CT scanner and build their 24 hr. medical center in Gretna. The citizens of northern Pittsylvania Co. live in one of the most beautiful areas of the County but we are so far from emergency care. I can’t imagine anyone who cares for their fellow man and their well being would object to this facility in Gretna.
    My son was badly injured in an accident in March of 2012 involving a shotgun and I hate to imagine what could have went wrong that night but only the grace of God saved him. His friends put him in the car to try and drive him to Lynchburg for medical care but the pain and bleeding got to bad and they had to stop at G&S market and call 911. They then had to wait for Altavista EMS to arrive and they had to carry him to Altavista park for him to be air lifted to Roanoke Carilion Hospital. We live 5 mins. from where Centra wants to build this facility and I often think about all the time it took for my son to get the medical treatment he needed. I thank God for Altavista EMS and Centra’s medical team on the helicopter. My son said the helicopter guys were awesome, LOL.

    This is just one story to be told about a life that was in danger and in need of quick emergency medical care. I applaude Centra for what they are trying to do for Gretna and its surrounding area.

  12. As a native of Pittsylvania County and joint owner of a family home at Smith Mountain Lake, I fully support Centra’s proposal for its medical facility at Gretna and including the 64 slice CT scanner. On a typical family weekend at Smith Mountain Lake, we can have as many as 35 family members and friends visiting, many of them children and/ or elderly. In the past, we have traveled to Martinsville for emergency medical care. Having a state-of-the-art medical facility at Gretna, less than 20 miles from our home would be a great benefit and would offer peace of mind. In addition, the citizens of Northern Pittsylvania are terribly underserved for medical services and this facility would be be an enormous improvement over the options now available to them.

  13. As a resident of Pittsylvania County, I am very much in favor of Centra’s proposed facility in Gretna. I have been a patient several times at Centra’s PT facility in Danville and have the highest regard for the professionalism and expertise displayed by the employees there. Several years ago I fell down my deck steps and broke my leg. I rode one and a half very painful hours to the Duke Hospital Emergency Room. I will not, under any circumstances, visit DRMC or any of its facilities. A new facility in Gretna would greatly increase my peace of mind when it comes to accessibility to quality healthcare.

  14. As a physician and resident of the Gretna area, I have had the opportunity to informally respond to many of my neighbor’s healthcare needs and emergencies. One of the greatest impediments to the provision of high quality care is the time needed for EMS response and subsequent transport to a health care center. The proposal by Centra for construction of the Gretna Medical Center, including 24 hour emergency care, is critically needed and will have a huge impact on the health and well being of the region’s citizens, as well as helping to promote the economic development and job creation in this area. I remain in strong support of this project.

  15. I am so excited about the decision that we got our C.T. scanner… ground work is coming along I go by the area all the time… the emergency room is a blessing to the people of Gretna and areas around Gretna… thanks CENTRA HEALTH…

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